Eva Samkova

I spent a weekend with the Czech SBX Team on the World Cup stop in Montafon - Austria. We focused mostly on a young gun and olympic hope Eva Samkova with her manager Martin Huleja.

Luckily meeting all the CZ SBX crew was a super nice suprice! They are focused, hard working and relaxed on their way to a olympic medaile. Every member of the crew is important. Everything works naturaly.

I wish I had a team like them to work with one day. The journey to a sport success can be very similar to shooting. You always need a support of people around, you must work hard and need to have a good luck in the important moments.

More important it is a gift to get a girl as Eva behind the lense. Impulsive crazy energy explodes in the good compilation of talent and naturaly beauty. I realized againg how I love shooting. And it is propably more important than having shooting as a job.

Eva forEVA! Go! Go! Go!


PS: Dík! Do jednoho všem! Byl to pro mě moc dobrej víkend.

Eva Samkova