Martin Večerka //

25.10.2011, more +

I know Bara many years and we have quite a lot in common. We both are (or want to be, haha) journalists working mainly in connection with extreme sports that we both love. The difference between us is that she is a hell of a photographer and I can hardly take pics with my iPhone. :) I admire Bara a lot for her enthusiasm for “our” sports even after a serious injury and several surgeries she had to undergo. I don’t know many other people who are so strong and therefore I’m pretty much sure that she can achieve anything she wants after winning her health. Well, I can tell I f**king like her! Keeping fingers crossed B!

Jan Mocňak // Freelance A/V Producer & GFX Designer

12.08.2011, more +

"In the past years I have not met too many people whose work would be both challenge and inspiration for me and I could respect them at the same time. I like learning, watching around and fair play competing. BB and her work is a real challenge and also a proof that women still see the world around us differently from men... Thank God!"

Rob Trnka // Freelance Photographer

09.08.2011, more +

"Bara feels very well what she is shooting. There are tons of photographers out there, but only a few who can actually watch. Her pictures are sensitive, unaggressive and have a specific signature. Bara’s work also accents my own viewpoint that girls are more creative in general. The result of her work can be anything except for boring. For me, Bara is certainly a photographer you can easily recognize by style, without credits in a corner of a photo."

Jan Kralik // CEO Artinvest

09.08.2011, more +

"Bara is a curious soul with a well-shaped sense for aesthetics. She sports a great deal of both courage and respect towards challenges she pursuits and situations she's facing. Things she does are balanced, truthful and make sense, always with a touch of joy. That's why Bara is an inspiring photographer and an important friend."

Michael Bouda // Brand Manager Jägermeister CR/SR - Pavel Starka // Event Manager Jägermeister CR

04.08.2011, more +

"We are quite successfully working on building the most hard core party brand ever spotted in Czech. Our philosophy is to never ever make compromises on quality of brand presentation. Bara joined our team few years ago and quickly get our fearless and uncompromising attitude under her skin. Today Bara's understanding of our needs merged with her feeling for composition, right moment and professionalism made Bara's work THE benchmark for whole local spirit industry & become crucial differentiation factor for our media/ social networks presentation. Work hard, party harder!"

Michael Bouda

Jarda "Space" Spesny // Product&Brand Manager AGang

04.08.2011, more +

"BB is this kind of person, which makes me think that one day it would be great to have her in team as co-worker. She is always full of ideas and solutions."

Doc. PhDr. Jiří Šetlík, CSc // from the letter of recommendation // 2009

04.08.2011, more +

"During some time I have had the opportunity follow her evolution in photography as a leading object of her view of life. From the results of her snapshots, especially in the motives of sport and portrait, I respect her feeling of composition, colors as well as expression of movement and environmental situation. She is able to use significant details to accent the content of her pictures."

Henning Andersen // CEO The Oakley Arctic Challenge

04.08.2011, more +

"Barbora is a hard working, thrustworthy human being. She has been covering The Arctic Challenge for several years as a photographer and journalist. Always with a great combo of passion and professionalisme."